Sunday 10 April 2011

Day 365: Monday 4th April 2011

LAST DAY. Cannot quite believe I completed this project, I was almost certain I was gonna flake out half way through so I am incredibly proud and pleased that I completed it :)

A year has passed and many things have changed- lets take a quick look shall we?

Last April: I was about to start an internship with a fashion website after travelling and about to start a part-time job to help me financially. I had a lovely boyfriend and lovely friends.

This April: The internship turned into a freelance writing job, the part-time job changed into a better one and I gained more writing work with 'Think Local' magazine. I still have a lovely boyfriend and still have lovely friends. I'm glad those bits haven't changed ;)

For my last day I had grand plans of doing a photo an hour, but work restrictions and the dullness of my day made me re-think that. So instead I took a photo every now and then to document a totally average day of Kat....

 9:30 AM : Breakfast!

9:45AM Time to get started on job number 1, copy writing for Empora fashion site.

12:00 PM Time to get changed for job number 2...

6:00 PM Home from work and time to edit an article for 'Think Local'

8:00 PM Celebrating the end of my working day with ice cream and bad TV!

9:00 PM Time to relax with my good friend Elle Magazine

11:00PM Me just after taking my make-up off, ready for bed. I NEVER leave the house without at least a lil make-up on, so I hope you realise what a challenge this was to post! Thank god for Sepia tones.

So there we have it. Project over. Now what?

I've decided to keep my photography blog, and to keep it as a place to post up my photography, I'm just not going to be doing it everyday anymore! Will have a play with the design and re-name it, but it will remain here, so please pop back and visit from time to time :) 

Thanks to those that followed my project, really nice of you all :)

Bye-bye for now, but I'll be back! 

Day 364: Sunday 3rd April 2011

Happy mothers day to all :)

Nearly at the end of my project- madness.

Today I snapped my mum, my sis and some pressies. We had a great day with my grandma and uncle, eating a big family lunch.

Saturday 2 April 2011

Day 363: Saturday 2nd April 2011

I have a weekend OFF! This never happens. Very excited.

Two pictures today- one of my morning and one of my evening...

My morning saw me clearing out 3 bag of clothes from my wardrobe to make it sleek and spacious...

*** then had yummy tapas for lunch with the boy ***

Then this evening I captured this BEAUTIFUL sunset....(no editing to this baby at all, that's all nature!)

Day 362: Friday 1st April 2011

More daffs, just for funsies....

Day 361: Thursday 31st March 2011

Look at what my mum brought home from work with her today....

(I know I say it all the time, but I love having a mum that works at a charity shop!)

Day 360: Wednesday 30th March 2011

Getting so close to finishing this project! SCARY.

Here's a random apple that has fallen/jumped into our garden...

Day 359: Tuesday 29th March 2011

Look at this AMAZING 'tweet-towel' I got as a (belated) b'day present from my friend Fi...I'm such a Twitter addict, this is too cool...